A Facebook secret leaker warns of Metaverse .. “What will happen to our youth?”

Facebook leaker Frances Haugen has revealed her concerns over CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s grand plan for “Metaverse,” a type of interactive Internet that aims to move more of our lives into the realm of 3D games.

“There are serious questions about the project that need to be answered before moving forward,” he told The Sun.

“We want an entire generation of young people to live in virtual worlds? “, he added.

“I am more concerned about the elderly, because instead of investing and helping community centers, we are moving the most marginalized people in our society to go live in virtual reality.

Escalation phase

As the former Facebook content manager put it, “As we went from computer desktops to phones, people have become more connected to them, “noting that the shift to the metaverse is another escalating step.

He explained: “The reason behind the switch to metaverses is that people hate the life they were living and they hid. in this virtual world “.

Haugen had previously expressed his fear of the “Metaverse” system and its impact in forcing the future world of virtual reality on individuals to divulge more personal information, addiction to the communication site, and in giving the company another monopoly in the world of Internet.

Transformation in “dead”

CEO Mark Zuckerberg described Metaverse as a “virtual environment” in which you can enter, instead of just looking at it on a screen, in where people can meet, work and play using virtual reality headsets, augmented reality glasses, smartphone apps or other devices.

Mark Zuckerberg announced that the company name has been changed in “Meta” last October and stated: “The metaverse is the new name, from now on in then we will be metaverses, not Facebook “.

The CEO of the blue site also explained that the word “meta” comes from the Greek word meaning “after”, noting that the name symbolizes the fact that you can always build something new.

He also reported that the new brand focuses the company’s attention on the “metaverse,” where a person leaves the screens and experiences the impact of being in virtual reality.

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