A feature that millions of people have been waiting for . WhatsApp works without the Internet

Finally, after a long wait, the WhatsApp application has officially made available one of the most important features expected by millions of people, and allows the user to link their account to a second device such as a computer, and send and receive messages without needing a basic smartphone connection to the Internet.

According to the WhatsApp support page, millions of people can now use up to four connected devices and one phone at a time. The chat service can be used on the web, on the computer and on other devices by connecting it to your phone, regardless of whether it is connected to the Internet or not.

The “Connected Devices” feature provides a new solution to one of WhatsApp’s major restrictions that prevents users from opening their accounts on another device and continuing to use the service while the smartphone on which the account is registered remains connected to the Internet , in so that they can have any conversation on the devices connected to the main device.

The working method

While the support page indicates that WhatsApp can be used in a new way without the need for an internet connected phone, which works on 4 devices at the same time without being connected to the internet.

After clicking on the paired devices option from the WhatsApp settings menu, you will see a new page called “Use WhatsApp on other devices”, which will allow you to continue using your account on up to 4 other devices without the need to connect your phone to the Internet, similar to its competitor The most powerful Telegram account that can be used via the version web without a phone connected.

for 14 days

In addition, the support page for the new feature indicated that “connected devices” will continue to receive and send messages for up to 14 days after the smartphone’s main connection is lost and it is not necessary to keep the phone connected to the Internet to use WhatsApp. on the connected devices and the user will also have to register their account on WhatsApp and connect it to the new devices on their phone.

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