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A final warning to “Biden”: mass layoffs await thousands of Americans


A major US trade group has warned the White House that President Joe Biden’s vaccination order will force employers to lay off thousands of workers, greatly exacerbating the supply chain crisis.

The National Association of Wholesalers and Distributors, an influential commercial group representing an industry of nearly 6 million workers, has appealed to the US administration to postpone the December 8 deadline for vaccinating federal contractor employees.

A few days ago, the president of the United States said that the imposition of vaccination against the “Covid-19” virus had succeeded in stimulating Americans to obtain the vaccine, but criticized the continuing high levels of unvaccinated people.

He stressed that “the vaccination obligations we have begun to impose quest’summer are working successfully and will soon be enacted the law of the Ministry of Labor on vaccination obligations for companies in full “.

The Biden administration has indicated that the vaccination rate has increased by more than 20% after institutions adopted a decision on mandatory vaccination in recent months, as the president issued a decision last July that federal employees must receive the vaccination or undergo a test weekly, first requiring vaccination alone in the past September.

But the US president added: “The number of unvaccinated people has dropped to 66 million, it’s still an unacceptably high number . we can’t allow that.” While some Republicans refuse to enforce the decision to force coronavirus vaccination, including Texas Governor Greg Abbott, who issued an executive order to prevent companies from imposing vaccinations in the state.

Meanwhile, the National Association of Wholesalers and Distributors said, “If tens or hundreds of thousands of employees are laid off just two weeks before Christmas . the result could be catastrophic for the newly unemployed, their families and the US economy. Members of the group. commercial includes grocers and lumber and florists, beer and wine and various other distributors.

President Biden’s executive order, signed last month, requires employees of contractors doing business with the federal government to be vaccinated against the coronavirus, with no possibility of undergoing test regular. The ordinance, which also applies to subcontractors, aims to prevent the spread of the Corona virus and further economic losses for the United States of America.

To avoid a “disaster,” the association urged President Biden to provide alternatives, including test, and to consider a “short-term delay” in the implementation of the vaccination decision, in order to avoid further disruption of supply chains.

A few days ago, the US Department of Labor said the pace of employees leaving their jobs has reached a level record last August, with the resignations of employees of bars and restaurants and of employees of the retail sector in great number. The number of employees who quit has reached a historically high level that the country hasn’t seen since data collection began, with 4.3 million employees quitting their jobs.

Workers who oppose the mandatory vaccination against the Crown in America

The resignation rate rose to 2.9%, an increase of 242,000 resignations compared to last July, which had recorded a rate of 2.7%, according to the survey on job opportunities and job turnover conducted by the ministry . The rate, measured against total employment, is the highest in the data series dating back to December 2000.

And the National Association of Wholesalers and Distributors has revealed, according to CNN, that supply chains are currently under severe pressure due to violent congestion in ports, a shortage of truckers and storage containers. The crisis has raised prices for consumers, limiting choices for buyers and causing significant delays.

He said some employees in the distribution industry, for whatever reason, refuse to get vaccinated and their companies risk firing thousands of employees. He explained that many of these workers told their employers “directly and unequivocally that they would choose to be fired” if they were required to get vaccinated. He claimed these workers came from in disproportionately from communities of color and tended to be low-income.

“An already vulnerable supply chain will be subjected to further stress during the busiest time of the year and a tight labor market will make it extremely difficult to replace dismissed employees,” the association continued.

The association added: “In December, many companies will not be in able to continue moving products through their warehouses and distribution centers to meet growing consumer demand if they are forced to stop the work of these essential workers. “

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