A financial analyst explains why the dollar rose against the ruble in December

BitRiver financial analyst Vladislav Antonov explained that the main task of the ruble weakening is to reduce the budget deficit, and this process is under the control of the financial authorities.

The analyst pointed out that several factors are now putting pressure on the ruble at once: upcoming sanctions, a ceiling in oil and gas prices, an increase in the budget deficit, an outflow of capital abroad, and a decrease in oil prices on the world market. .

Antonov added that the weakening of the ruble is necessary to reduce the budget deficit, and the authorities warned about this again in the summer, as expected, and the strengthening of the ruble contributed to the increase in the budget deficit.

And the financial analyst believes that “if we estimate the deficit at about two trillion rubles, then when the gap closes, the price of the dollar should still rise to 75 rubles per dollar.”

Source: News