A former French minister reveals who is involved in Hariri’s assassination

In the latest installment of a trilogy, with “Political Memory” on the Al-Arabiya channel, the former French Minister of Defense and Foreign Affairs, Michel Alliot-Marie, announced that France did not participate with American forces in the invasion of Iraq in 2003 because the prove adopted by Washington to justify the invasion were based on facts.

He revealed that US Secretary of State Colin Powell did not fully adopt President George W. Bush’s position when he met with him in Washington.


Invasion of Iraq

Allieu Marie alerted Condoleezza Rice to the consequences of the invasion of Iraq in the region, e questlast he told her in below: Your analysis of the situation in Iraq was not wrong.

The former French defense minister also touched on the assassination of former Lebanese prime minister Rafik Hariri, revealing that French President Jacques Chirac was convinced from the outset that Hezbollah and the Syrian regime behind it had carried out the assassination.

Alliot-Marie indicated that the Special Tribunal for Lebanon was under heavy pressure from the Syrian regime not to have the names of Syrian officials appear in the final court ruling, which explains the issuing of two different reports by the court concerning persons suspected of involvement in the crime.

The former head of French diplomacy spoke about what the European Union has achieved and why Turkey has not been accepted into the union.

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