A former Turkish intelligence officer admits to brutal torture of detainees

A former intelligence official admitted that he tortured and mistreated detainees by the Turkish intelligence establishment, claiming that he tortured many people while doing his job.

T24 published an interview with the former head of the National Intelligence Agency (MİT) Counter-Terrorism Department, Mehmet Emur, in which he tried to justify the institution’s torture practice, stating that among the people he detained there were many “stubborn people” who did not want to speak.

“If there was no other way to talk (to inmates), then torture might be the answer, because there are a lot of stubborn people out there,” Emmore said.

Emmore pointed out that more severe practices are being practiced today, some of which can lead to the death of the person, “there are more serious cases, there are deaths,” Emmore added.

The former intelligence officer noted that many cases of missing in Turkey were the result of “intelligence operations” but tried to justify them by saying that there was a “very big battle” and the institution had to “win that battle”.

Emmore said in the first part of his interview that officials killed 18 people for money in the 1990s.

“These people were killed after they were told, ‘Give me the money or I’ll kill you,'” Emmore said.

A total of 19 suspects, including the interior minister, former police chief Mehmet Agar and former intelligence officer Korkut Ekin, are on trial for extrajudicial murder.

Hagar and Ekin, two figures accused of a role in these practices have made headlines countless times questyear after the allegations of boss mobster Sadat Becker.

Baker accused political figures of countless crimes, including murders, during the 1990s.

Meanwhile, the Turkish Human Rights Foundation said it will file a criminal complaint in credit to Aymur’s remarks because they constituted a “confession”.

The foundation stated that torture “cannot have exceptions in no circumstances “and that Emour’s statements reveal the impunity granted to security officials.

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