A futuristic feature for foldable phones… here are the details

The foldable phones provided an excellent vision of the future, by integrating the smartphone concept with the concept of tablet and, quite simply, these devices can offer the user the functionality of a normal smartphone and the capabilities of a tablet, with the ability to put all of this in pocket naturally.

In general, foldable phones are more eye-catching, so they are attractive phones for discerning lovers. However, foldable phones have suffered from one major problem since their inception, namely reliability and endurance.

Samsung foldable phones questyear have made significant improvements, as they have become more durable and can be folded and unfolded multiple times.

It has also become water resistant. However, folding screens remain more susceptible to scratches, while their hinges are still not sufficiently resistant to dust.

Despite the improvement of these phones, as mentioned in previously, in addition to support for a larger segment of protective covers and screen protection layers, their owners still struggle with reliability levels.

On the other hand, foldable phones could be in able to completely solve all reliability problems in future, and this in more than one way.

A futuristic feature for foldable phones… here are the details
An image of a foldable iPhone

Reliability of foldable phones

Foldable phones are available in many forms. However, one of the prominent shapes was the “shell” shape. That we have seen in the Galaxy Z Flip phones. Perhaps this shape or model is the most reliable of all, and the main reason is that the screen is not exposed to external factors.

Samsung W22 5G device
Samsung W22 5G device

Furthermore, many statistics have revealed an important point. And is that the phones in generally break due to unintentional falling from their user. That is, it is rare for someone to break the phone while in use.

In theory, the Galaxy Z Flip 3 could be more durable than a traditional phone. This is because when it inadvertently falls from its user, it will fall while being folded. This fully protects the internal screen. The same principle can be used in other phones.

Huawei foldable phone
Huawei foldable phone

Some argue that these factors could cause companies to tweak the design. If we talk about Samsung, it could abandon the external screen in phones like the Galaxy Z Fold, as it is vulnerable to breaking when the phone is dropped even if it is folded.

Perhaps the most threatening issues with reliability today are hinges and dust resistance. But that could change when both Apple and Google enter in competition in this market.

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