A giant bank threatens to lay off its employees later this month . because of the Crown

Citigroup has decided to put in open leave its unvaccinated employees from January 14 until the end of the month and fire them unless they receive the vaccine.

The US bank announced its plan to enforce new vaccination rules in October, becoming the first major Wall Street bank to require a rigorous vaccination procedure.

The move comes as the financial sector struggles over how to report in security their employees in the offices and return to work as usual in one moment in where the highly contagious type of omicron virus is spreading like wildfire.

In turn, other large Wall Street banks, including Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, and JP Morgan, have established work-from-home rules for some unvaccinated employees, but none have resorted to a layoff policy.

While Citigroup is the first to follow this policy among the Wall Street giants, few other large US companies have followed the same “vaccine or job” approach, including Google and United Airlines, to varying degrees of rigor.

A source told CNN that over 90% of Citigroup employees have so far complied with instructions and that this number is in rapid increase, adding that the timing of this policy will be different for branch employees, Al Arabiya reported.net he saw.

This happens, as Citigroup said when announcing its vaccination policy last October, which would release some employees for religious or medical reasons, or under the law of each state or country, and consider each case individually.

controversial issue

Vaccination has become a divisive topic in the United States, like in many countries of the world, with some vehemently opposed and many Republicans criticizing forced vaccination policies imposed by governments and corporations.

For its part, the partner of the studio Hall Booth Smith’s attorney, Jacqueline Voronov, said the courts uphold the right of private sector employers to impose corona vaccines in light of a violent wave of epidemic.

More and more US companies are demanding mandatory vaccination of their employees, to protect them and avoid disrupting operations due to mass absenteeism.

unpaid leave

In turn, United Airlines CEO Scott Kirby said last month that the company had fired 200 of its 67,000 employees for failing to comply with its vaccination policy.

Of the 2,000 airline employees granted the exemption, half moved on to non-customer-facing jobs. The other half chose not to apply for such jobs while they were in unpaid leave.

While many hospitals have fired employees who did not comply with the instructions imposed on the health sector in more than 20 states of the United States.

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