A guest in a Singaporean luxury hotel paid $14 for Two Bowls of Rice

  • TikTokers have been fired up over a room service voucher from the Singaporean luxury hotel Marina Bay Sands.
  • The details of the voucher a purchase of two bowls of steamed white rice for €18.83
  • For context, an 11 pound bag of rice at a local Singaporean supermarket is cheaper than one bowl of rice at the hotel.

A TikTok video shows just how many a bowl of rice can cost Bee one of Singapore’s luxury hotels have gotten people all fired up.

The clamp, posted by TikTok account “richlife1688”, shared a receipt from the purchase of two small bowls of steamed white rice in the ultra-luxury Marina Bay Sands hotel in Singapore, a milestone property that looks out over the glittering island state business neighbourhood.

According to the receipt, the bowls of rice, bought during a stay in August, cost $8 Singapore dollars each, which equates to $5.90. After taxes the guest ended up pay S$18.83, of $13.88, everything for two bowls of steamed grains.

Remarks on the TikTok clip was not kind to the price, with one user says: “MBS rice made out of gold.”

Another TikTok user wrote: “I’d rather eat grass than pay for this price for rice.”

Insider verified that the Marina Bay Sands hotel, which serves a variety of cuisines, of Southeast Asian and Asian Cuisine on to be in-room dinner menu, is doing indeed cost guests S$8 for An bowl of rice. For context, an 11 pound bag of rice in Singapore sells for S$7.30 at local supermarket chain Fairprice — 70 cents less than die from the hotel price for one small bowl.

Singapore’s luxury hotels are unknown for portion up the cheapest rate. Capella Singapore, a five-star hotel on Singapore’s sultry Sentosa Island, for one, serves local Hainanese chicken rice at $26.54 pre-tax on his The Knolls restaurant. A similar dish of chicken rice sold at Hawker Chan, once known as the world’s cheapest meal met Michelin Star, goes for about $2.25 per plate.

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