A Guide on How to Beat Volgin in Metal Gear Solid 3

Colonel Volgin is one of Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater’s more intimidating foes. When the time finally comes to fight Volgin, players will need to keep Volgin’s electrical abilities in mind. Volgin can be a huge problem if Snake happens to be holding a metal object (like a gun) at the wrong moment.

Ocelot’s Assistance

Luckily, Snake isn’t alone in this Metal Gear Solid 3 boss fight. Ocelot elects to aid Snake in this fight by supplying useful items, at least for the first half of the battle.

Phase 1 Tactics

Volgin mostly attacks by punching lightning at Snake, which can be dodged by going prone as he begins to attack. The trick here (and the easiest way to deal damage) is to approach Volgin, dodge the lightning, and hit him with CQC to knock him to the ground. Doing so will leave him open to attack, and is the best way to create attack opportunities during the first half of the fight.

Volgin’s Attacks to Watch Out For

Volgin utilizes a few other attacks during the first phase, including electrified gunfire and charging punches. When Volgin electrifies part of his body and raises a hand into the air, players should take this as a sign he’s about to use electrified bullets or punches. Players should make sure to unequip their gun while Volgin is electrified and whenever they aren’t attacking, since Volgin’s electrical blasts will home in on Snake while he is holding a gun. The bullets and punches are fairly easy to avoid as long as Snake keeps running around.

Ocelot’s Assistance Continues

When the screen is tinted blue, Volgin electrifies himself, and it becomes impossible to attack from the front. Holding a weapon during this time is a terrible idea, but getting behind Volgin can allow players to deal some decent damage. During this phase of the fight, Ocelot will periodically throw useful items down to Snake.

Phase 2 Tactics

Rinse and repeat until Volgin reaches around 50% of his health or stamina. This will trigger a cutscene where Volgin confronts Ocelot about helping Snake and sends him away.

During Phase 2, Volgin adds some new tricks to his moveset. He can now create a spherical electrical barrier around himself to damage Snake, which will detonate after a second or so. He will also use lightning beams that can be dodged by going prone, and a lightning shockwave attack performed from the middle of the room that must be dodged by rolling over the shockwaves. Volgin will periodically turn his back on Snake to recharge himself, placing a hand on the wall of the arena. Since his back is turned, this is a fantastic chance to deal damage while Volgin is unable to defend himself. Keep attacking whenever possible and using CQC to set Volgin up, and the fight will end soon enough.

Non-Lethal Victory and Rewards

If players defeat Volgin non-lethally, he will drop the Cold War Uniform when he goes down.

Metal Gear Solid 3 is known for its tactical gameplay and challenging boss fights, and the battle against Volgin is no exception. With the right strategies and some expert timing, players can come out victorious and continue their mission in the Cold War setting of the game. For more video game strategies and a complete game walkthrough, be sure to check out our other Metal Gear Solid 3 tips.

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