A Guide on How to Crack a Safe in Grand Theft Auto 5 Online

In GTA 5 Online, Stash Houses are an excellent way for players to earn money and supplies. Breaking into a safe is a crucial part of these missions, and our guide will provide all the necessary tips and information for success.

Finding Stash Houses in GTA 5 Online

Stash Houses appear once a day at 07:00 UTC and are marked by a purple house with a crosshair. Look for brothels with a safe near Los Santos on the game map to find these missions.

Breaking Into a Safe in GTA 5 Online

After locating a Stash House, players must remove their wanted status before entering. Upon approaching the door, a scene will initiate where the character breaks down the door. Once inside, players must proceed carefully:

  •  Take cover and eliminate all dealers defending the hideout.
  •  Search for a yellow piece of paper with the safe code and memorize the six-digit combination.
  •  Interact with the safe and input the code to unlock the vault and collect its contents.

Leaving the area alive is the final challenge, as armed thugs will be waiting outside. Once the mission is complete, players can replenish business stocks and receive a monetary reward of $30,000.

Mastering breaking into a safe in GTA 5 Online is essential for success in Stash House missions. By following these tips, players can maximize their earnings and supplies in the game.

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