A Guide On How to Defeat Croco in Super Mario RPG

Encountering a boss in an RPG game can be a daunting experience, and that holds for Super Mario RPG. When players face Croco, the first boss in the game, they need to be well-prepared and have a solid strategy in place. This guide will explore how to beat Croco and emerge victorious in this challenging boss fight.

Preparation is Key

Before taking on Croco, players need to ensure that both Mario and Mallow are at least level four. This is particularly important when playing on Normal difficulty. Equipping them with armor and accessories, which can be purchased from the shop in the Mushroom Kingdom, will provide additional protection against Croco’s powerful attacks.

Initiating the Battle

Players must pursue him to start the battle with Croco until he reaches a dead end and attempts to hide. Players can initiate combat by sneaking up behind him and jumping on his head. Successful jumps will decrease the number of years it will take to catch Croco, eventually leading to the start of the boss fight.

Combat Tactics

During the battle, blocking Croco’s devastating attacks is crucial to minimize the damage inflicted. Croco is known for his charge attack, which can deal up to nine points of damage if not blocked, and his bomb-throwing ability, which can cause up to 13 damage if left unchecked. It’s essential to have Mario utilize his Fireball ability, taking advantage of Croco’s fire weakness and forcing him to spend his turn extinguishing the flames instead of attacking or healing. Additionally, players should conserve Flower Points so that Mallow can use Healing Rain when necessary.

Victory and Rewards

As the battle progresses and players deal enough damage, a cutscene will play, and Mallow will reclaim his coin as Croco flees. Players who follow these strategies and tactics will emerge triumphant in the battle against Croco.

In conclusion, defeating Croco in Super Mario RPG requires careful planning and effective combat tactics. Players can conquer this challenging boss by leveling up, equipping the right gear, and employing the appropriate abilities and continuing their adventure through the Mushroom Kingdom. With the proper preparation and strategy, victory against Croco is well within reach.

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