A Guide to Unlock The Orchard of Pairidaeza in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact’s Orchard of Pairidaeza is one of Version 3.4 main new areas and an in-game point of interest. However, access to it is limited as players must complete a few prerequisite tasks before reaching it. The Orchard of Pairidaeza, also known as the Eternal Oasis, is located directly below the Desert of Hadramaveth’s severe sandstorm in Mt. Damavand. It is underground, but walking toward it through mere tunnel entrances will not provide results.

The Orchard of Pairidaeza in Genshin Impact is a cemetery for the Goddess of Flowers, made by King Deshret in her honor. Full access to it in Genshin Impact’s Desert of Hadramaveth is granted by the World Quest “The Eternal Dream, Ever Lush.” However, the quest requires a considerably long list of previous quests to be completed. Because of this, players will likely spend a few hours doing missions before unlocking it. Nevertheless, the World Quest series attributed to it is some of the best in the game, with in-depth lore explanations about Sumeru’s deities and an intimate father-daughter story.

Lock Orchard of Pairidaeza in Genshin Impact: Two World Quest Series

Players must complete the five previous quests in the “The Eternal Dream, Ever Lush” World Quest to get to the “The Dirge of Bilqis” series. However, before that, players must complete another World Quest series called “Golden Slumber.” They can start talking to Katheryne in Genshin Impact’s Sumeru region. This is the first step in unlocking Genshin Impact’s Orchard of Pairidaeza. The action will initiate the “Golden Slumbers” series with the “Lost in the Sands” World Quest, which starts in Aaru Village. As pointed out by Genshin Impact Fandom, players can also start the quest directly at Aaru Village by talking to the NPC Bonifaz.

The “Golden Slumber” series will take players across Sumeru’s desert, including underground areas made available only through the questline. They will explore places in the Great Red Sand, such as the Khemenu Temple and the Mausoleum of King Deshret. Later on, players will also unlock the Khaj-Nisut subarea, which changes forms with the World Quest “Dreams Beneath the Searing Sand.” The Great Red Sand desert in Genshin Impact is the primary setting for this questline. Once “Dreams Beneath the Searing Sand” has been concluded, players will have finished the “Golden Slumbers” series, which is the first step to unlock the Orchard of Pairidaeza in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact: Every Quest In the “Golden Slumber” Series

  • Lost in the Sands
  • An Introduction to Indoor Archaeology
  • The Secret of Al-Ahmar
  • Dreams Beneath the Searing Sand

The next step is to start the “The Dirge of Bilqis” series with the “Wisdom Has Made Her House, She Has Hewn Out Her Seven Pillars” quest. This can be initiated by talking to Katheryne in Sumeru or going to the Tanit tribe’s camp in the southernmost reaches of the Desert of Hadramaveth. The most efficient method of reaching the Tanit campsite, in case the nearby Statue of the Seven has not been unlocked, is by teleporting to the Waypoint near the Dune of Carouses in Genshin Impact’s Land of Lower Setekh and heading north. To open the Orchard of Pairidaeza, this step quest is crucial.

The “The Dirge of Bilqis” series has six World Quests. However, every one of these quests is very long and has many dialogue scenes and multiple steps that need to be taken. For instance, the second quest, known as “The Temple Where Sand Flows Like Tears,” has 44 steps, as noted by Genshin Impact Fandom. The “Golden Slumber” and “The Dirge of Bilqis” series also have many puzzle-solving sequences. This means that reaching the desired Orchard of Pairidaeza underground area in Genshin Impact may require a few hours to be invested, especially if players pay attention to all the dialogue bits.

Genshin Impact: Every Quests In the “The Dirge Of Bilqis” Series

  • Wisdom Has Made Her House, She Has Hewn Out Her Seven Pillars
  • The Temple Where Sand Flows Like Tears
  • Dune-Entombed Fecundity: Part I
  • Dune-Entombed Fecundity: Part II
  • Dune-Entombed Fecundity: Part III
  • The Eternal Dream, Ever Lush

Players will reach Genshin Impact’s Orchard of Pairidaeza at the end of the fifth quest in the “The Dirge of Bilqis” series, “Dune-Entombed Fecundity: Part III.” This is the final step in the mentioned quest. Reaching the location will conclude the quest and initiate “The Eternal Dream, Ever Lush.” After that, they should continue until they finish the final quest in the series. This will allow them to explore the newly discovered area and gather more information about its location and lore. Aside from the Adventure EXP, Sumeru Reputation EXP, and Mora, they will also receive Primogems in Genshin Impact, coveted items for wishing in banners.

How to Solve the Orchard Of Pairidaeza Puzzle in Genshin Impact

The Orchard of Pairidaeza in Genshin Impact has an area-exclusive puzzle for players to solve. They must find and obtain three Memories of the Eternal Oasis by following Flower Buds and solving considerably simple puzzles to clear the path. The first Flower Bud is to the left of the area’s entrance, while the second is to the right. The last one can be found farther down the path from the second one. Once all three Memories are returned to the central island in the Orchard, players will unlock a Luxurious Chest and obtain the achievement “In Her Full Glory.”

As with all Achievements in Genshin Impact, the one obtained here also grants Primogems once redeemed. Besides the puzzle and the information gathered through the questline, there is not much to do inside Genshin Impact’s Orchard of Pairidaeza except admire the scenery and possibly take a few screenshots. Luckily, there are many other activities to do in Genshin Impact 3.4, including participating in the limited-time Lantern Rite Festival event, uncovering and beating the new Domains, and fighting the new sandworm boss, Setekh Wenut.

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