A heinous crime … a woman brags that she ate a small animal in Great Britain

On Thursday, British police arrested a woman who posted a video on Facebook in a small animal ate.

Lincolnshire County Police arrested the woman, whose name was not disclosed, in collaboration with the British Royal Society for the Protection of Animals.

The woman’s arrest occurred after a video was circulated in he killed a hamster and ate it with the help of water to facilitate the swallowing process, according to the British newspaper “Daily Star”.

According to the investigations, the woman devoured the hamster in a challenge that took place after winning a quantity of cocaine.

A spokesman for Lincolnshire police said: “A 39-year-old woman was arrested on charges of animal cruelty following a distressing video posted on social media”.

The statement added that investigations into the video are still ongoing in course and the police invited citizens who have any information relating to the case to contact the competent authorities.