A historical rift for conservatives. Will Johnson and Sunak Bring a Surprise?

As the conservative party in power in Britain faces a historical rift, it has never known this before, it seems that many of its leaders have urged both former Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his former adviser, Rishi Sunak, to strike a deal to avoid war between the conservatives “.

Johnson and Sunak held an 11-hour marathon of talks yesterday, Saturday, after the former prime minister’s allies announced they had won the 100 votes needed to advance to the second stage of the competition to lead the country. party and head of the government, following the resignation of Liz Terrace, as reported by the British Telegraph newspaper, today, Sunday.

According to the information, Johnson’s supporters have lobbied supporters of Sunak and Benny Mordaunt (the former minister who has not yet obtained the 100 votes necessary to ensure her passage to the second phase of the electoral race), in order to change the compass. of their support, thus obtaining sufficient support to demonstrate its ability to unite the party

These efforts came after Johnson landed in London yesterday morning, returning from a Caribbean vacation following his resignation, in an effort to restore his former position, from which he was expelled after a series of scandals that have affected his government, e in amid fears expressed by prominent party figures that they would reject A large number of deputies from both sides accept the leadership of a rival candidate.

concession and bargaining

In this context, a senior member of parliament explained: “Rishi and Boris must compromise and compromise, recognizing their respective strengths”.

He also considered that “Rishi has no real support or mandate from voters, since getting 100 votes does not mean popular support.”

At the same time, he indicated that Boris was “divisive”. He stressed that the most important goal now lies in unity within the party.

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The survival of the party is threatened

However, he was pessimistic about the possibility of achieving this, saying: “I think the party is so divided, that in recent years it has put so many toxins in its veins that it has become difficult to survive for six to nine years. Months, no matter who. wins. ” .

In turn, a former minister saw that it was too late even for an agreement to stop the split in the party.

“death spiral”

Former Conservative Party leader William Hague said Johnson’s return would lead to a “death spiral” for the party.

Interestingly, Johnson’s victory would be an extraordinary return for the journalist and former London Mayor who left Downing Street. in amid a torrent of scandals, accusing his fellow parliamentarians in his party at the time of “changing the rules in half” to prevent him from completing his term.

But between Johnson and Sunak, the party is trying to avoid falling into the trap of the devastating division that appeared some time ago, especially after the succession of four prime ministers in six years, and crystallized more after the last few days, with so many parliamentarians and party officials declaring sharp positions on each name of the two names, whether it is approval or disapproval.

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