A “Houthi minister” and his escort attack a citizen and break his finger

The senior minister of the Houthi militia government, not internationally recognized, with his comrades attacked citizen Abdul Salam Al-Jaifi, in Sana’a.

Al-Jaifi said, in a video he posted on social mediathat the Houthi minister, “Ahmed Al-Ali (the minister of electricity in the Houthi government), slapped him in face and broke his finger, after attacking him with an armed gang that he brought with him “.

Al-Jaifi indicated that the reason for the attack on him by the Houthi leader and the gang that led him were “Al-Ali” allegations of violation, pointing out that he was not violating at all, and he challenged him to prove it.

This comes in light of the growing violations by the Houthi militia, the arm of Iran in Yemen, against the citizens of Sanaa and its control areas, and its rejection of citizens’ demands, including lowering electricity tariffs.

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