A Houthi suicide air strike on an oil port in Shabwa was foiled

Today, Wednesday, security forces at the Qena oil port, located in the Radhum district of Shabwa governorate in southeastern Yemen, thwarted a Houthi attempt to target a supply ship while it was unloading its cargo. at the docking of the port.

Military sources said the Houthi militia tried to target the oil port of Qena in the Radhum district with a suicide drone.

Sources confirmed that the Houthi march was shot down and the attack thwarted, which, if successful, would have led to a major environmental disaster in the Arabian Sea off the east coast of Yemen, news site NewsYemen reported.

He explained that the Houthi militia’s attempt to target the port coincided with the entry of a supply ship to empty thousands of tons of diesel, noting that the ship dumped its cargo of fuel after the attack was foiled.

The attack comes about three weeks after a similar Houthi attack on al-Nashima oil port in the same governorate and another on al-Dabba oil port in Hadhramaut governorate.

The two terrorist attacks were widely condemned. Following the attack, the Houthi militia was designated a terrorist organization by the Yemeni government, warning not to deal with it.

The Iranian-backed Houthi militia had threatened in more than an opportunity to target oil facilities, production and export companies and oil shipping companies in red and Arabian Bahrain.

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