A Jordanian-Syrian agreement to completely restart the Jaber border crossing

In a phone call with his Syrian counterpart, Muhammad Khaled al-Rahmoun, Jordanian Interior Minister Mazen al-Faraya stressed the need to fully restart the Jaber border post between the two countries.

The minister explained that the border post represents a strategic importance that will benefit Jordan and Syria and their common interests.

For his part, the Syrian minister welcomed the full restart of the center, expressing his country’s readiness to take the necessary measures in this regard.

The two sides agreed that the executive authorities working in the center coordinate on the ground regarding the procedures necessary for the full restart of the center, in in order to achieve the desired objectives and within the approved medical protocol.

Interestingly, the Jaber Border Center receives between 90 and 110 shipping transactions daily, according to the director of the Jaber Border Center, Colonel Muayyad al-Zoubi, while the number of passengers is between 600 and 700. in arrival and in departure every day.

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