A journey into the mind of Bora, the man who led five teams to the World Cup finals

Tunisia – “Al-Quds Al-Arabi”: the only coach in football history who has led five different teams in the FIFA World Cup and most of them missed the first round, which gave him an extraordinary experience in the biggest tournament in surface of the planet, so if he spoke, he deserves to be heard according to the principle The words of kings, and whoever has been a tale biography is worthy of one tale classification: is the Serbian Bora Milutinovic, the current adviser of the World Cup Committee in Qatar 2022, which led the teams of Mexico in the “Mexico 86” World Cup and Costa Rica in the “Italia 90” World Cup and the United States in “America 94” and Nigeria in “France 98” and China in their only appearance so far in “Japan / South Korea 2002”, e in a friendly recently with a mutual friend in which he talked a lot about football and his views on its various issues, which deserves to be shared by dear readers in his knowledge. Who is a successful coach? The first question that came to me in mind was what came to Bora, who said: “First of all you have to agree on the definition of a successful manager. It’s easy for anyone to do, but the coach is what players and teams do, not the one who spends money and makes loud statements to convince others that he is a distinguished coach. A successful coach is the coach who wins major titles such as World Cup and Champions League. According to this measure, we can now say about Jurgen Klopp (coach of Liverpool) who is a successful manager, as well as Carlo Ancelotti (coach of Real Madrid) and in to a lesser extent Thomas Tuchel (Chelsea manager), and possibly in the near future star of Eric Ten Hag (Ajax manager who joined Manchester United), and when asked about Pep Guardiola, he said: “He is undoubtedly a diligent and distinguished, but has passed on the ideas of others who have preceded him and is a lot of pretending and bragging, while most of the titles he has achieved have been local titles and with teams that have spent large sums to buy their stars, so it may have been positioned by doing i media in a higher position than it deserved. “Bora went on to talk about successful coaches and said:” There are four coaches I have learned from throughout my career, I am Dutchman Johan Cruyff, who has been a rare case as a great player and great coach and his ideas. in Barcelona I am the godfather of Guardiola’s ideas, as well as the Italian Arrigo Sacchi, coach of Milan and Italy, who owned a lot of revolutionary ideas and implemented them calmly, achieving unparalleled success. The third is the Italian coach Fabio Capello, who has coached many Italian and European teams and had his own distinctive ideas. The fourth is another Italian, Marcello Lippi, who has coached Italy and many club all the way to China, and stood out.With a superior ability to read the opponent and present effective ideas and solutions for his players, I learned from every person, every player and every club, team or federation for which I have worked or with whom I have collaborated ”. Bora adds: “Football is a game and each country plays in its own way and reflects its culture on it. in different countries and I have faced different cultures. This has helped me on a personal, professional and humanitarian level, even though each experience had a different flavor. In Mexico you find the whole people obsessed with football, and you find that the national team players are desperately trying to preserve their position and their material and moral gains, and they try to make movements that distinguish them in the eyes of the fans, whether during the game or off the pitch, and this includes creating a way to celebrate goals scored while in Costa Rican players are striving to get a seat in from a young age, they understand the game well, but the abilities of theirs in the United States the matter is different, as football culture is superficial and other games dominate the minds of the masses, from baseball, to football American and basketball, and therefore the way in which they face football looks different. As for Nigerians, they are gifted by nature but lack good tactics and systems in general, while the Chinese are still far from reaching the global level because they have not followed the Japanese example in benefiting from the experiences of others and interacting with them in the right until recently, so they still need time to reach the location befitting a giant country like China, which you should think about hosting the World Cup because it is capable of it and will greatly improve the game within it. As for the Arabs, either in Asia that in Africa, they have talent, but they lack discipline and continuity, so their successes are short-term and not based on them. “As for football itself, Bora dismissed the notion that it is now faster and affirmed that the movement of the ball has become faster and its passing and transmission have become faster than before, but the players themselves are not faster and the evidence is that the appearance of a player who has speed like Mohamed Salah (in addition to talent, of course) it makes him stand out among his peers in neat manner. But football, according to the expert coach, was more beautiful in the sixties and seventies, and has nothing to do with nostalgia, nor with nostalgia for the past, but according to him it is the reality of the matter, and the difference of number of stars between that period and our current time, and any opinion in the end can be wrong and right because football is not agreed by everyone Note true!