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A lawsuit against “Twitter” begins today .. and the dismissal of half of its employees

Twitter told its employees Thursday, in an email, which will begin reducing its workforce today, Friday, confirming rumors that have been circulating since Elon Musk bought the company a week ago.

The letter, however, did not specify how many people would be affected by the dismissal decision.

According to the Washington Post, 50 percent of the roughly 7,500 employees will have to leave.

“We understand that a number of people who have made significant contributions to Twitter will be interested, but unfortunately this action is necessary to ensure the company’s future success,” the company told employees.

He explained that the reason is to reduce costs and move the company in a “better” position, as you said.

The identities of the people who have lost their jobs will be known at nine this morning, San Francisco time.

Additionally, the Bloomberg agency revealed, according to its sources, that a lawsuit was filed against the company in the San Francisco courthouse under the pretext of not giving enough time or notice before firing employees, which also violates federal and state laws.

This happens in one moment in which Twitter users look forward to as the new owner of the social network will translate his vision of freedom of expression on the platform with broad influence, and how his attitudes will be reflected in managing the content of tweets.

Musk is trying to form a council specializing in content supervision, as he confirmed that he has discussed with non-governmental organizations interested in minority rights, the way in which Twitter continues to fight hatred and harassment.

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