A Lebanese “forced” to emigrate across the sea tells the details of his journey

In a moment in which the city of Tripoli, in northern Lebanon, is still under the weight of the tragedy of the sinking of the “boat of death”, which caused the death of over 30 people, most of them women and children, in more than a week ago migratory operations continue across the sea to escape the hell of the homeland and in search of a better future and a dignified life that guarantees the minimum rights of citizens to the limit.

And a young Traboulsi posted on his Facebook page last week a video portraying a group of young men and families who managed to reach Italian beaches on Thursday evening, and another video for another group that managed to reach Cyprus, with the phrases “Tell the politicians that all the people of the city will soon migrate in death boats”.

He emigrated against his will across the sea

Among the passengers of the Tripoli-based Italian ship, Mahdi Najjarin, father of a single girl, was “forced” on the illegal immigration journey across the sea after Lebanese general security seized his passport, which prevented him from legally return to his work in Africa.

Mahdi, 42, told Al Arabiya.netfrom the reception center for refugees and migrants in Italy, the migratory journey across the sea from Tripoli to the Italian coast.

Peaceful journey

He said: “Our journey was uneventful and nothing stood in the way. Today I am in Italy looking for a secure future that allows me to return in Lebanon after two years to invest in it”.

Mahdi also added that he was renting a machine shop for auto and boats in Tripoli and at the same time he worked in Africa, and has been back for some time in Lebanon to renew the passport.

He also stated: “I don’t want to stay long in Italy. I decided to emigrate and work there for up to two years and get a sum of money that would have allowed me to buy a mechanical workshop in Tripoli instead of being “caught” by the high cost of rent. “

Contrary to the testimonies of immigrants who managed to reach Europe, he said he will return in Lebanon, underlining: “I am not ready to abandon it despite everything that has happened. Lebanon has no growth, but the politicians are thieves and oppressors”.

3 days before “The Death Boat”

The Tripolitans’ boat left Lebanon 3 days before the tragedy of the “boat of death”, and sailed for 9 days without obstacles. Upon her arrival in Greek territorial waters, she faced the sea, and it was in able to bypass it to arrive safely on the Italian coast at dawn last Thursday.

Also on board were 187 Lebanese and non-Lebanese, including 37 families, including 50 children aged between one month and ten years.

Immigration test 3 months ago

Mahdi experienced the migratory journey across the sea 3 months ago, while he was among the passengers of a boat that left the north of Lebanon with illegal immigrants on board. He joined them as a mechanic to repair the boat in case of an accident, and to return in Lebanon as soon as the boat was able to enter Greek territorial waters, but questthe latter managed to stop her and bring all her passengers back in Lebanon.

Mahdi also explained that he was “forced to emigrate via sea ​​after Lebanese General Security confiscated my passport for reasons I do not know, after an investigation session I was subjected to in one moment in which my manager in Africa was asking me to go back to work “.

$ 5500 for the trip

He paid $ 5,500 for his trip from Lebanon to Italy and confirmed he would return in Lebanon after two years in the hope that his situation would improve.

He also continued: “Most of the population of Tripoli thinks of emigrating from Lebanon in various ways. Our city, which is classified as the poorest on the Mediterranean coast, embraces the richest people, including Prime Minister Najib Mikati. They are accumulating wealth and the Tripolitans are getting poorer The rise in the dollar exchange rate.

400 thousand dollars

It is interesting to note that Tripoli still mourns its children, victims of the “boat of death” that sank on the evening of Saturday, April 34, in route to Italy, with at least 84 irregular Lebanese, Syrian and Palestinian migrants on board, and 48 survived, while 7. Only corpses were recovered, leaving at least 30 missing.

While the search operations for the rest of the victims of the death lifeboat continue, amid the faded hopes of finding the bodies of the others, the Directorate of the Lebanese Army Guide confirmed that a patrol of the Directorate of the Secret Services of Tripoli had arrested the citizens. (KK), (AT), (MN), (MN), (FA and (KH), as they prepare to illegally transport around 85 people across the sea.

The smugglers also used a boat that they bought, equipped and maintained using a sum of money they had raised from these people (approximately $ 400,000). The boat was seized at the port of one of the tourist resorts, according to the army communiqué, which indicated that investigations with the detainees had been initiated under the supervision of the competent judiciary.

According to the United Nations, they drowned in 2021 in sea ​​3 thousand illegal immigrants who tried to reach Europe.

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