A long European road awaits Kiev. Albania and Macedonia are the best proof of this

“Don’t be too delusional”, Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama sarcastically commented on his arrival yesterday at the European summit in Brussels on the question of Ukraine’s accession to the European Union.

The man speaks of a bitter experience of which he, like many of his fellow citizens, is well aware.

“Bitter experience”

His country obtained official candidate status to join the union 8 years ago and has not yet become a member of the 27-nation alliance.

As for North Macedonia, it is a very difficult experience, as it has been a candidate for 17 years.

Perhaps this is what prompted Rama to say, while welcoming Ukraine’s “official candidate” status: “I hope the Ukrainian people don’t have too many illusions.”

Road and conditions of Europe

But the Albanian official wanted to be realistic, because the path of “Europe” is full of conditions, and the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, had already emphasized them several times during her meetings with Ukrainian officials.

These conditions include vital issues relating to human rights, democracy and the fight against corruption, as well as the protection of minority rights and the end of political polarization, as well as progress in terms of freedom of mediareform of the judiciary and electoral law, and the abolition of the oligarchy … and the list goes on.

All these conditions add to a “strong” condition, which is that the 27 countries must accept formal membership, unanimously.

It is interesting to note that yesterday’s nomination of Kiev and Moldova as candidates may have raised the “reproach” of Georgia, which submitted an application to join the Union with the two countries a few days after the Russian military operation launched on the territory. of the western neighbor on February 24.

While EU leaders have made it clear that Georgia can only become an official candidate country after addressing several priorities in suspended!

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