A loophole in IOS 16 system.. This is what you do with iPhone phones

A Chinese developer has released a tool that exploits a vulnerability in the iOS operating system to allow users to change the font on their iPhone smartphones.

The tool does not require any kind of jailbreak, but it does require the phone to run iOS system version 16.1.2 and lower, because it relies on a vulnerability in the system kernel which is tracked with the identifier CVE-2022-46689 and fixed in iOS 16.2.

If the user has updated their iPhone to iOS 16.2, which is recommended for security reasons, it won’t be in able to change the character. So the font change will be canceled after restarting the device and applications that use the default San Francisco font will not change.

The tool offers a number of pre-installed fonts, such as the famous font (Comic Sans MS), the font (Segoe UI), which is the default font for Microsoft products, and the font (Choco Cooky) from Samsung. Custom fonts can be installed as long as they are compatible with iOS.

Interestingly, Apple supported mass customization of its user interfaces in the classic days of Mac OS, when everything from the system font to window borders could be customized using the Apperance Manager tool.

So these settings disappeared in the initial versions of the Mac OS X operating system (Mac OS X) and changing the look and feel of any Apple operating system has become more difficult in recent years as Apple has taken additional measures to protect system files from modification and tampering.

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