Home World A main road to Lugansk. Ukraine is moving east.

A main road to Lugansk. Ukraine is moving east.

As Russian military operations continue on Ukrainian territory, the Ukrainian army has announced that its forces have taken control of an important road connecting two regions controlled by Russian forces in the east of the country.

Military officials said Ukrainian forces are slowly advancing from the east into the Lugansk region and are trying to retake a number of cities from Russian army control, more than 40 kilometers south of Svatove and Kreminna, where they are in violent clashes.

After capturing large tracts of land in a lightning strike, Ukrainian forces are now slowly heading east towards the Lugansk region capturing the two cities mentioned, where Kremena is located 45 kilometers south of Svatov.

Our soldiers are advancing.

In turn, Sergei Gaidai, governor of the Lugansk region, told state television that the road from Svatov to Kremina is practically under the control of the Ukrainian armed forces, stressing: “Our soldiers advance every day”.

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On Wednesday, a Russian-backed separatist official reported heavy fighting in the regions in front line of Kremina and Svatov since Ukrainian forces expelled Russian forces from neighboring Kharkiv region in September.

Separately, the Ukrainian military intelligence directorate said its agents, who are fighting alongside regular forces, captured the village of Nevsk on Sunday, killing 34 Russians.

Russia bombs dozens of targets

It is noteworthy that Nevsk is located 10 kilometers west of the road connecting Svatov and Kremina.

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A daily report from the Ukrainian Armed Forces General Staff did not include any references to Svatov or Kremina, but the report, posted on Facebook, claimed that Russian forces had bombed dozens of targets along the front line.

In recent weeks, Ukrainian forces have focused their fire on Russian sites and warehouses in many areas, east and south, in order to restore them after Russian control over them for months since the start of the conflict between the two sides on 24 February.

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