A major meltdown threatens Twitter during the World Cup.. A former employee warns

The fallout from recent decisions made by Twitter’s new owner, American billionaire Elon Musk, continues, but this time it came in the form of a warning in coinciding with the launch of Qatar’s biggest football event.

Company insiders have confirmed that the bluebird is facing the possibility of facing a major meltdown during the World Cup, explaining that the giant of social media it is not equipped to deal with traffic peaks, especially after the recent measures imposed by Elon Musk.

The World Cup gets tough!

A former employee who recently left the company, aware of how it reacts to such large-scale events, confirmed that Twitter could face a major outage that could bring the site down during the World Cup.

He also added, on condition of anonymity for the delicacy of the details, that he knows exactly how the Twitter Command Center works, emphasizing that the team of the platform is aware of malfunctions that they have been monitoring recently looking for issues such as traffic pressure on the site and interruptions in the data center connection. He added that the World Cup would be difficult on the podium due to lack of preparation and understaffing, according to a Guardian newspaper report.

90% .. almost certain errors

The employee indicated that incidents such as slow or incorrect response or incomplete service are almost certain during the 29-day competition in Qatar, estimating the probability of such errors occurring at 90%.

He explained that the platform could suffer from difficulties in use and could be discontinued with the launch scheduled for today.

Decisions that have weakened the capabilities of the platform

Interestingly, since buying ‘Twitter’ late last month (October 2022), for $44 billion after many months of tension and attraction, the richest people in the world have moved quickly to make their mark on the company and make several changes, as he announced his intention to impose a price in change of the blue mark, as well as prohibiting the representation, even as a joke, without announcing it.

In addition, Musk has laid off thousands of employees, while others have also resigned and also sent a notice in his first official email to the company’s employees, emphasizing that he could file for bankruptcy, which has left thousands of employees in a state of stupor, and also shocked advertisers, some of whom were suspended, in practice more than a week ago they announced their announcements on the platform, amidst confusion and ambiguity about the fate of the blue bird, given that the American billionaire had promised to release it.

These measures have also weakened the platform’s ability to respond to any issues related to its IT infrastructure, especially as some of those affected by layoffs or staff reductions include those at the Twitter Command Center.

According to information, about a third of the accident team may have left the platform in recent weeks.

As for Musk, he did not respond to a request for comment, but limited himself to tweeting last Friday, inviting users to watch the first match of the World Cup in Sunday schedule.

“Look on Twitter … and get the best coverage and commentary,” she said.

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