A malfunction cuts off electricity to 3 Central Asian countries

Electricity was restored on Tuesday in Kyrgyzstan, while it was gradually restored in Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan, just hours after being cut off for millions of people in the three Central Asian countries that share the same network.

And the Kyrgyz Ministry of Energy has announced that electricity has been restored in all parts of the former Soviet republic after the accident, which led to widespread blackouts in this country and its neighbors Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. “The electricity supply has resumed in all of Kyrgyzstan after a widespread disruption, “Energy Ministry spokeswoman Jeydi Zotbekova told AFP.

In turn, the Ministry of Energy of Uzbekistan announced that “the supply of electricity is now gradually being restored in the regions of the country”. AFP correspondents in Almaty, the largest city in Kazakhstan, reported that electricity had returned to the economic capital, but it was not immediately clear whether electricity had been restored. in other cities in the southern regions of the country.

Not affected by the power outage, the country’s capital, Nur-Sultan, in how much it is powered by the current of another network. Officials from the three countries reported that millions of people were cut off from electricity Tuesday due to an accident whose nature was not specified.

The Ministry of Energy of Uzbekistan said in a statement on its official channel in the “Telegram” application that the power outage was caused by an accident in the power grid in Kazakhstan. “Following a serious accident in the power grids of the Republic of Kazakhstan, electricity was cut off in the cities of Almaty, Shymkent, Taras, Turkestan and neighboring regions,” he added.

The statement explains that “the Uzbek power grid, which is connected to the unified power grid, was damaged following an accident that led to sudden voltage and frequency surges on 530 lines from Kazakhstan”. A spokesman for the Kyrgyzstan Ministry of Energy told AFP by telephone that the electricity was cut “due to an accident affecting the regional electricity grid”.