A march was shot down over the Jordan Valley … from Syria

With the renewed bombing of Gaza today, Tuesday, there was die Israeli army announced that their forces had shot down a drone die approached the Israeli border with Jordan on Tuesday without disclosing where she left.

According to the Al-Arabiya / Al-Hadath correspondent, the drone was dropped via Baysan in the northern Jordan Valley, although it is believed to have originated in Syria.

At the same time, grenades and rockets from Gaza hit the ground die Netivot region in Israel.

Another bombing

Meanwhile, the artillery fire in the northern and northeastern regions of the Gaza Strip renewed today.

Since 7:00 p.m. yesterday evening, around 90 rockets have been fired into Israeli territory, around 20 of them are in fell on the strip while the Iron Cathedral intercepted dozens of them according to the interception policy, like die Israeli army had announced.

While die Israeli fighter planes and gunboats more than 60 raids since last night in separate areas of the strip, all aimed at Hamas government headquarters, empty houses, die evacuated by leaders of the movement, and locations of the factions empty agricultural land, roads and public facilities.

212 dead

It is noteworthy that die escalating violence since last Monday, according to doctors from the Palestinian city told Reuters die The murder of 212 Palestinians, including 61 children and 36 women, has been confirmed. Ten of them were in Israel killed, including two children.

The Israeli attacks on Gaza have started since last Monday after die Hamas against the backdrop of Sheikh Jarrah’s neighborhood issue in Jerusalem had fired rockets from the strip into Israel and Israel insisted on evicting Palestinians from their homes in favor of settlers.

There were also several clashes between the inland Palestinians (or the so-called 48 Arabs) and Jews in several mixed cities, in who lived a mix of Jews and Palestinians from inland, die Make up 21 percent of the population.

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