A massacre in a kindergarten in China: two dead and 16 injured

According to state media, two children were killed and 16 people injured by an attacker using a knife today, Thursday in a kindergarten in a southern city in China wore.

The new Chinese news agency (Xinhua) said the attack on Wednesday in a city outside the city of Piliu in of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.

It also states that a suspect has been arrested and an investigation is ongoing. Two of the injured were being treated for serious injuries.

It wasn’t clear whether die Wounded children or adults were.

Similar incidents

It is noteworthy that in many of these attacks have taken place in recent years, die usually committed by humans, die Be described as mentally or emotionally disturbed or hold a grudge against them die Owners of such facilities cherish.

Experts say China does not have sufficient capacity to diagnose and treat people with such diseases.

While the country severely restricts access to weapons, knives are always used in such attacks.

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