A massive failure of a ferocious Houthi attack on Ma’rib

The battles continue in Yemen today, Friday, e in one of its fiercest and most extensive offensive attempts against the Marib Governorate by several aces, the Houthi militia failed to gain any military advantage in the theaters of combat operations.

The last few hours have witnessed the western fronts of Ma’rib governorate, extending to the southeast, of violent fighting in which the militia used a column of armored vehicles and successive ranks of its members.

In the al-Kasara front, west of Marib, the Houthis, after an intense artillery bombardment, attempted to advance on the positions of the National Army and the Resistance, but were forced to retreat under artillery fire, leaving their members who infiltrated between a dead and a prisoner.

A military source told “Al-Arabiya” and “Al-Hadath” that the militia bombed the outskirts of Western Balk and the sites extending between Sirwah and Al-Mushajah to disperse the national army defenses and the attack. fromarea of Laeref in the South.

The source added that 4 successive militias were confronted and their armored equipment destroyed with the direct and effective support of the Coalition to Support Legitimacy fighters. in Yemen, which targeted Houthi rallies and reinforcements in separate locations on the western and southern fronts.

“Al-Amaliqa” forces have repelled a Houthi infiltration attempt in Sa’ila Mala’a, east of the Harib district. The attack coincided with the movement of the militia from the Umm Reesh camp into the open desert areas controlled by the national army. in battles in which the Houthis have suffered great material and human losses, including leader Abu Harb al-Imad.

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