A member of the Sudanese Sovereign Council: we pledge to hand over the wanted to “criminals”

A member of the Sudanese Transitional Sovereignty Council and head of the Revolutionary Front, Al-Hadi Idris, said the Sudanese leadership is committed to handing wanted people over to the International Criminal Court as an essential part of the Juba agreement.

Idris also added that the state of polarization in Sudan is harmful and will be deducted from the balance and results of the transition period.

He stressed that a country cannot continue without sovereign institutions and stated that the Sovereignty Council has no ideological bias or obligations, as far as Sudan’s interests are concerned.

Idris also warned of the sharp polarization the country is witnessing after last week’s failed coup attempt.

On the other hand, Idris said that there has been little progress in implementing the agreement pace, indicating a weakness in the political will of the government and parties to the process pace to implement the security agreement clause of the agreement pace.

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