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A message of support for Ukraine. The British Foreign Secretary suddenly lands in Kiev

Aiming to deliver a message of support to the Ukrainian authorities, British Foreign Minister James Cleverly landed in Kiev on Friday for a surprise visit.

He deftly announced that his country would send 24 ambulances in Ukraine.

He also added, in a tweet he posted on his official Twitter account, during his meeting with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in Kiev, that the UK really supports Kiev, not just in words, as he said.

He also stressed that the Russian attack would fail, noting that London will also provide 11 emergency vehicles, including armored vehicles, as well as three million pounds to finance the reconstruction of infrastructure such as schools and shelters.

He cleverly pointed out that with winter coming, Russia is trying to break the resolve of Ukrainians through brutal attacks on civilians, hospitals and energy infrastructure, as he said.

5 million pounds

In the same context, Ukrainian Prime Minister Denis Shmyhal said on Friday that he had discussed mechanisms with the British Foreign Secretary for confiscating frozen Russian assets and targeting them to help his country recover.

Shmihal indicated, via a tweet posted on his Twitter account, that Great Britain will provide five million pounds to support the energy sector in Ukraine.

Earlier, the European Commission said it was investigating ways to confiscate Russian assets to cover the costs of rebuilding Ukraine, according to Politico magazine.

Interestingly, since last October 10, Russia had started carrying out massive air strikes on Ukrainian infrastructure, in especially power plants, in apparent response to the attack on the Crimean peninsula bridge, which it had annexed to its lands in 20014, and to the retreat of its own forces as well in some areas of southern Ukraine, in especially Kherson, as well as in the northeast.

The UK is one of Ukraine’s strongest Western backers against the Russian operation launched last February, with London providing Kiev with around £2.3bn ($2.7bn) in military aid.

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