A Mighty MCU God IS Superior To The Hulk’s Healing Factor

In a world-shattering battle against Zeus, the Hulk’s healing factor was tested as the mighty Marvel god made the Jade Giant appear feeble. In The Incredible Hulk #622 by Marvel Comics, Hulk challenged the powerful God of Olympus and quickly learned that even his incredible healing factor could not withstand the blows from the literal god of the Marvel Universe.

The Hulk is known for his strength and rage, but one of his most impressive abilities is his healing factor. Hulk’s healing factor has allowed him to recover from the most severe, crippling wounds inflicted by heroes and villains whose attacks could penetrate his incredible durability. For instance, Hulk’s regenerative abilities allowed him to survive being cut into pieces and melted to his bones. However, against Zeus, the Jade Giant’s healing factor was put to the ultimate test, as the Marvel god’s true strength was impossible.

hulk vs zesus

Following the events of the Chaos War, the Hulk travels to Zeus in The Incredible Hulk #622 by Greg Pak, Paul Pelletier, Danny Miki, Crimelab Studios, Paul Mounts, and Simon Bowland from Marvel Comics to assist his friends. After helping Zeus against the Chaos King, the Hulk travels to Mount Olympus to save the souls of his friends and guide them to safety. However, the Marvel God is not impressed by Hulk’s request for assistance and desire for something from him. The Olympian engages the Jade Giant in combat, landing blows so ferociously that the hero’s healing ability cannot keep up.

The Hulk’s Healing Factor Was No Match For Zeus

While the Hulk’s healing factor has been tested and proven to protect him in some of his most dangerous battles and confrontations, Zeus made the Jade Giant appear weak by unleashing his godlike abilities. He punches Hulk so hard that he cannot stop vomiting as the Olympian breaks his ribs and collapses his lungs. Zeus ultimately knocks out the Hulk and leaves him in poor condition, chaining him up for giant vultures to feast upon after his defeat. Hulk’s healing factor keeps him alive, and Zeus’s restraint prevents him from being killed.

With Zeus now a part of the MCU, watching the epic battle unfold in live-action would be a lot of fun. Hulk has previously defeated Marvel gods like Thor, but Zeus represents a much more formidable opponent. The Olympian easily defeated the Hulk while testing his healing ability. While Hulk’s abilities kept the hero alive, Zeus demonstrated that he was even more potent than the Jade Giant.