A Mysterious Golden Potato is Given to Players by the Disney Dreamlight Valley Redemption Code

Players of Disney Dreamlight Valley find the first redeem code for the Golden Potato, a special but mysterious quest item.


Players of Disney Dreamlight Valley have discovered a strange “Redemption Codes” entry field and a single, enigmatic golden potato that can be obtained from it in the game’s settings menu. Before, there were no known codes, and many believed this feature would be included in Dreamlight Valley’s complete retail release. This changed recently, though, when players found the game’s first redemption code through a scavenger hunt on the official Discord group for the game.

Players are advised to redeem the Mysterious Golden Potato code as soon as possible if it eventually expires because it is still unknown whether it will be accessible permanently or only for a brief time. Although this is Disney Dreamlight Valley’s first redemption code, there may be more.


Players must access the pause menu, select settings, scroll down to the help tab, and choose the empty text box for Redemption Codes before entering the redemption code. Enter the following code exactly, with hyphens and all capital letters: GPOT-OATO-LDFS-ENNM. Hit “Claim” after entering the code to see one of two outcomes. Ideally, a message would read: “The code is already in use. It will soon show up in your mailbox “will be on display. Nevertheless, many players have mentioned bugs when attempting to use the code. Press the claim again if an error message appears; eventually, it ought to resolve itself. Additionally, despite the error message, some players claimed they still received the item in their Dreamlight Valley mailbox.

Once the code has been used, go to the mailbox to pick up the reward, a Mysterious Golden Potato. According to the mail containing the item: “You find a Golden item by chance. It has an odd potato-like appearance. Who knows what mysteries it conceals?” The Mysterious Golden Potato is described as “a shiny potato that should probably not be eaten” in the inventory. This item does not fit the description; however, oddly enough, it cannot be dropped, sold, or even dropped. Although it is designated as a quest item, there are no quests in Dreamlight Valley that call for or mention golden potatoes.


Time will tell whether this strange item is merely for display or will one day be used in conjunction with other redemption code items. Players can put the Mysterious Golden Potato in a storage room in Dreamlight Valley to free up space in their inventory in the interim. Players who want to take part in finding more codes should keep an eye out there as the code was discovered in an image shared on the official Discord channel.

Early access is available for Disney Dreamlight Valley on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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