A national teacher or a war criminal ?! Two Japanese ministers anger China and South Korea

Yesterday, two Japanese ministers visited the Yasukuni Shrine, which nationalists regard as a national monument, while numerous Asian countries see it as a symbol of Japan’s military past, as the country commemorates its surrender in World War II. The Yasukuni site in Tokyo commemorates the 2.5 million soldiers and people who served for the Japanese army and died for the Empire of Japan from the beginning of the Meiji era (1869) until the end of World War II. But since 1978, the names of Japanese military and political leaders convicted as war criminals by the Allies after World War II have been included in its archives, much to the chagrin of South Korea and China, who suffered atrocities committed by Japanese forces. during their colonization of the Korean Peninsula (1910-1945) and the partial occupation of China (1931-1945), they consider the sanctuary in honor of Japanese militarism. Economic Security Minister Sanae Takaishi and Tohoku Reconstruction Minister after the 2011 Fukushima disaster visited Kenya Akiba, the Yasukuni Monument on Monday. Sanae Takaishi, known for her uncompromising and nationalist positions, regularly visits the site: “This year there is war in Ukraine, “he told reporters. I prayed that no more people would be killed in war “, adding that he expressed his” gratitude “to the fallen in war which are honored by the monument.

AFP – Tunisia

Tunisian security forces announced yesterday that they had foiled 12 illegal immigration attempts via sea ​​over the weekend and to have rescued and arrested 213 people, including dozens of Tunisians and Egyptians.

And on Monday the National Guard declared in a statement that its units operating on all the coasts of the country managed, on Sunday night, to “foil 10 stealth crossings of the maritime borders and save and rescue 156 passers-by”. National Guard spokesman Hossam El-Din El-Jabali said in the statement that there are 102 immigrants with nationalities from Sub-Saharan Africa and 54 Tunisians.

For his part, the spokesman for the Ministry of National Defense, Mohamed Zekri, told AFP that on Sunday a naval unit “evacuated 42 Egyptians” boarded a sea tractor assigned to support an oil platform near the archipelago of Kerkennah in the center-east of the country. Zakri added that Egyptian migrants reported having sailed off the Libyan coast on Friday evening, Saturday.

And the local radio “Mosaique” reported that the security forces thwarted an attempt to emigrate from the coast of Hammamet in the north-east of the country on Friday night.

The radio quoted anonymous security sources who said that 15 participants in the operation were arrested, are relatives and come from the central province of Kairouan, and among the participants are five women and four children.

With the improvement of weather conditions, the pace of irregular migration attempts from the Tunisian and Libyan coasts to the Italian coasts, about 200 km away, increases. AFP – Beijing

China carried out new military exercises in the vicinity of Taiwan yesterday, while denouncing a new visit by US congressmen to the island a few days after a similar visit by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, which provoked an angry response from Beijing.

The two-day visit, which had not previously been announced, prompted China to reiterate that it would “prepare for war” against democratically self-governing Taiwan, while Chinese leaders demanded it and vowed to restore it, albeit by force. The five-member delegation to Congress, led by Senator Ed Markey of Massachusetts, met with Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen yesterday, according to an institution that is Washington’s de facto embassy in Taipei. “The delegation had the opportunity to exchange views with Taiwanese counterparts on a wide range of issues that are important to both the United States and Taiwan,” he said.

Tsai told delegates that he wanted to “maintain the stability of the status quo across the Taiwan Strait” and “maintain prosperity and stability in the Indo-Pacific region.”

He noted that the Russian invasion of Ukraine reveals “the threat authoritarian states pose to the world order,” according to his office, while thanking Washington for its support in the face of Chinese military threats.

AFP – Occupied Jerusalem

Yesterday a young Palestinian was shot dead by Israeli forces during a raid on his home in the city of Kafr Aqab, north of Jerusalem, after he attempted to stab an Israeli policeman during the operation, the police confirmed. police in a note.

“Border police officers neutralized a suspect who tried to stab our members while searching for weapons,” Israeli police said. in a note. He confirmed that he “died after receiving treatment in a military hospital “. The young man is Muhammad Al-Shaham (21), from the town of Kafr Aqab. But his father, Ibrahim al-Shaham, confirmed that Muhammad was” butchered in cold blood in home. “The father added:” At half past three in the morning we heard a knock on the door … Muhammad was the first to reach the door before they started shooting, and the first bullet hit Muhammad’s head. “

The father confirmed that his son’s body was kept inside the house for forty minutes, noting that one of the officers told him he had “arrived at our house by mistake”. In his statement, the Israeli police did not say whether the weapons were found during the raid on Kafr Aqab’s home.

In response to an AFP investigation, he confirmed that “the weapons were not found”. “Our destination was correct, and that’s the suspicion,” she added. For his part, through his Twitter account, a member of the Executive Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization, Hussein Al-Sheikh, described the incident as “a crime that deserves immediate and urgent international investigation”.

The Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemned, on its website web, the “heinous crime of execution”. He considered it “a method of the mafia and organized gangs in carrying out premeditated and premeditated murders and beyond any arrest or trial”. In its statement, the ministry held “the Israeli government fully and directly responsible for this crime”.