A negative draw hovers over Bahrain and Iraq in the Arab Cup in Qatar

Doha: negative draw against Bahrain and Iraq, today, Friday, in the second round of Group A of the Arab Cup, which is currently taking place in Qatar. The attempts of the two teams to score any goal throughout the match were worthless, and the match ended in a goalless draw, the first in the tournament that began last Tuesday. The Iraqi team raised the score to two points, after drawing in the first game with their Omani counterpart 1-1, to collect the second point and occupy the second place, one point behind the Qatari team, who will face the team on Friday evening. ‘Oman. The Bahraini team instead scored the first point of the tournament, after losing in the first round to Qatar 0-1. In the third and final round of the group stage, the Iraqi team will face their Qatari counterpart, the host of the tournament, while the Bahraini team will play their Omani counterpart. (Dpa)

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