A new feature from Twitter to escape the long tweets

Twitter continues to test new features and functionality that will make the user experience on the application easier and more enjoyable.

Twitter had announced in previously he was working on the tweet editing feature, a feature many Twitter users have been waiting for.

In another context, Twitter is testing a new feature called “don’t mention” that allows users to remove themselves from tweets. in they are mentioned and to escape unwanted long threads of tweets.

The “Don’t mention” feature was in high demand among users who are regularly tagged in tweets, something the social network hinted at the launch in past.

According to the information, this functionality is experimental and is currently limited to Twitter users, but can be generalized to other platforms in future.

Twitter privacy designer Dominic Camusi first revealed the concept of the untag button in July last year, saying, “Sometimes you want to talk, sometimes you don’t.”

“I want to make it easier for you to remove the tag from a tweet or conversation you don’t want to participate in,” Kamuzhi said, adding: “Select (unselect yourself) from this conversation from the list (more info) and the link will be removed. to personal file “.

In order for a person to use the new feature, when it is published in more broadly, you need to select the “leave this conversation” or “leave this conversation” option within the Tweet options to turn off notifications.

The feature is already available to some users now, but Twitter says it can’t say when it will be widely available on the web or when it will launch on mobile devices.

The company has indicated that your name is not removed from the tweet when you remove the mention in it, but only notices for updates in that tweet are interrupted.

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