A new feature in Twitter..only for close people

Twitter began testing a new feature earlier this month, which will prevent all users from viewing specific tweets.

The site operates a feature called “Circles”, which allows all its users to choose a group of people to read their tweets, similar to the “Close friends” function.

When the “Circles” function is finally approved, when you start writing a new tweet a drop-down menu will appear, which has the possibility to share it with “everyone” or with “a circle”, in so as to limit its display to a specific audience.

The list includes 150 users

Twitter allows you to add up to 150 users, followers or less, to your circle.

Users in their circle will see a note that says, “Only people in X’s Twitter circle can see this Tweet.”

privatize tweets

Tweet in a “circle” is like having a private account, in how much it privatizes specific tweets, rather than restricting access to the entire profile.

Even if the people in the circle won’t be in able to retweet anything that has been posted, they can still take a screenshot and download the tweets shown to them.

The Circles function is still in phase of test on some Twitter users and will not be extended to all until further notice.

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