A new feature of WhatsApp .. allows us to send messages to numbers that are not stored

In many cases, we face the problem of having to register the phone number we want to send through the WhatsApp application on our phone before making the correspondence.

However, this is no longer necessary, as the application has provided a new feature that allows you to chat with parties not registered on your phone.

The application has managed to overcome one of the common flaws in usage which forces the user to register the phone number in order to be able to correspond with him through his smart device.

Click to chat

The new technology is called “Click to Chat”, and aims to conduct dialogues in chat with any person or company without their contact number being registered in the directory of the smartphone, provided that an active WhatsApp account is available on both sides.

The “Click to Chat” feature works on all tabletsmartphones and any other computer that has the WhatsApp application installed in the browser.

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