A new head of the Tigrayan interim government is appointed in Ethiopia

Ethiopia announced on Wednesday that it had a new head of government in of the Tigray Region who has been appointed since last November in Conflict stands after it die Review the current President’s performance.

Pelin Seyoum, a spokeswoman for Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, said Abraham Pillai, the federal government’s minister of innovation and technology, has been appointed head of the interim government to replace Mulu Nega.

Mulu Nega was appointed by the federal government last November, ten days after government forces in die Region to arrest and disarm local TPLF leaders.

Abiy Ahmed, the Ethiopian Prime Minister since 2018, accused die Tigray People’s Liberation Front, die For 30 years in Addis Ababa die Had power, his authority in Question to ask and bases of the federal army in Attack Tigray.

Explained in a similar context die Spokeswoman Abi Ahmed in a statement to “Agence France Presse” that die Abraham Pillay’s appointment was “the result of a six-month review of Nega’s performance”.

Abraham belongs to the “prosperity party”, die Abiy Ahmed founded in 2019, and has die Coalition of regional parties in power in Ethiopia amalgamated.

In an interview with France Press last February, Abiy Ahmed admitted that die Residents of Mekele (the capital of Tigray) had “mixed feelings” about the transitional government.

Because of the ongoing conflict were die on 5th June in Ethiopia planned parliamentary and regional elections in Tigray postponed indefinitely.

And on the weekend the cabinet has die Tigrayan People’s Liberation Front called a terrorist organization and thus aroused hopes for peace negotiations, die many countries are demanding.

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