A new “mandatory” feature on the iPhone .. in the interest of the user

We often encounter the problem of deleting applications on iPhone phones, so Apple plans to force application creators to insert a “button” or function that allows users to delete the application with ease.

From June 30, Apple will force apps in where users must create an account to provide a “button” to allow users to delete the app whenever they want.

Easily delete

This feature is designed to prevent app developers from trying to keep users subscribed to them, even if they decide to leave, and to put an end to the lengthy searches users may have to do on FAQ pages trying to find a way to unsubscribe and delete the app.

While the rules that Apple has asked app developers to provide, the option to delete the account is “clear and easy to find,” according to the British newspaper “The Sun”.

Not just the interruption

He also pointed out that it’s not enough to just provide the ability to temporarily disable the account, but that people need to be in able to delete the account with their personal data.

Interestingly, there are some exceptions, such as in highly regulated sectors such as banking, in which companies can make the process “deeper because of its importance”.

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