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A new phase .. Great Britain allocates one billion pounds to Ukraine


To resist the Russian military operation, which has started its fifth month, the British government announced, during a NATO summit in Madrid, the allocation of one billion pounds in more to Ukraine.

He added that the new assistance includes, in particular, air defense systems and unmanned aircraft.

“new phase”

The British Prime Minister also said in a statement that this additional amount will increase the total value of military aid provided by London to Kiev to £ 2.3 billion since the start of the conflict.

This step was seen as the inauguration of a “new phase” of Western support for the Ukrainian army, during which it will be able to launch counterattacks, according to the statement.

Interestingly, Britain had sided strongly against Moscow in recent months and flooded Kiev with military aid costing millions of dollars.

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As for the fate and duration of the conflict, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson had seen on Wednesday in a press interview that the world obviously wanted to end the conflict, but stressed that there is currently no solution or deal available. “Putin is not making an offer of pace”, he said.

Ask for more support

Furthermore, he stressed that the Russian president made a mistake and that NATO ended up on its borders.

He concluded by stressing once again that Western countries must support Kiev in order to strengthen and strengthen its position in any future negotiation of pace that can be proposed.

These statements about the Russian president come in one moment in which NATO countries meet in Madrid, to discuss a new strategy to strengthen and increase their military presence on the Eastern Front (Eastern European countries) from 40,000 to 300,000, and to include Finland and Sweden in the defensive military alliance , against the backdrop of the Russian military operation launched on the territory of Ukraine on February 24th.

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