A new political announcement today in Sudan and the resistance anticipates it with refusal

Sources told the “Al-Hadath” channel that a new policy statement is expected to be signed today in Sudan, to reach consensus on constitutional agreements.

The forces of the “National Consensus” and the Sudanese Initiative for Constitutional Agreements have sent an invitation to participate in the signing.

According to information, some party leaders, such as the head of the “Movement for Justice and Equality” Jibril Ibrahim, the deputy head of the “Democratic Unionist Party” Jaafar al-Sadiq, and the governor of the Darfur region, Minni Arki Minawi, in addition to the signatories of the political declaration, other political parties will also participate.

For his part, Taj al-Din Ishaq, a member of the Technical Committee for the unification of the papers, said that the coordinations of the resistance committees will work to overturn any political declarations announced by the consensus forces.

For his part, he indicated in an interview with Al-Hadath that the political declaration of the forces of consensus contradicts the demands of the revolution.

Lieutenant General Sanusi Koko, a member of the Steering Committee for Freedom, Change and National Accord, said that resistance committees implement the Communist Party’s agenda, while stressing that resistance committees cannot reject the political statement.