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A new problem for the global maritime sector … Warehouses are stacked!

The latest data and information relating to the movement of goods around the world has shown that the sector is facing a new problem, namely the accumulation of goods and transport containers in warehouses, which have become almost full, which constitutes a new crisis for this sector, which is already suffering from fears of economic stagnation and the new conditions that the world is going through.

A report published by the American network “CNBC” on its site web states: “In addition to the drop in freight rates, the latest data shows that the container warehouses used to house containers after they are unloaded are currently full, which is a new problem facing the global maritime sector.”

According to the report, this “indicates further signs of falling global demand and an impending economic slowdown.”

Merchants and freight forwarders say the decline in global consumer demand indicates an imminent slowdown in the global economy following a frenzied consumer race following the Great Freeze caused by the Corona epidemic.

“There is not enough space in the warehouse to accommodate all the containers,” said Christian Roelofs, CEO of the container logistics platform. online Container X-Change.

He added: “With the release to the market of more container stocks, in particularly the disposal of rental fleets, in the coming months there will be further pressure on warehouses “.

Andrea Monti, owner of the Italian container depot, said his warehouses are full. He added: “Whatever the entrance and exit, for example, our warehouse in Milan is completely blocked. The volume of containers in the warehouses is increasing to the point that we are starting to return some orders.”

“We are in a situation in we can’t accept new customers for some sites, “he continued.

“The high season for shipments of goods – as Christmas approaches – technically did not occur quest’year, “Monti said. He added that retailers are cautious about the high level of inventory they have.

He continued: “There is enough stock at the retailers.”

To combat container overcrowding in warehouses, some ports, such as the Port of Houston, have begun charging fees for empty containers in terminals for more than seven days, according to CNBC, citing shipping industry sources.

“What many people don’t realize is that the containers inside the warehouses are empty,” said Darren Miller, director of Sedgwick.

He added: “They are often left for weeks and weeks. The huge number of containers on ships or in ports leaves us with insufficient warehouse space, which exacerbates our supply chain crisis. in course in how it affects the repositioning and movement of containers “.

Miller added that consumers can expect retailers to offer discounts to clear inventory.

The CNBC report states that empty or canceled departures are in increase, despite the approaching largest spending period of the year.

Blank sailing occurs when a shipping company decides to skip a port or an entire part of its schedule, to handle changes in demand and capacity.

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