A new secret project for Google…reduces the need for humans!

Google is working on a secret new project, among a larger set of AI-focused projects, that will have profound implications for the future of the company and the developers who write the code.

Generative AI, a technology that uses algorithms to create images, videos and more, has become the hottest thing in been trending in Silicon Valley, USA lately.

In Google’s case, the goal is to reduce the need for humans to write and update code, while maintaining “code” quality, according to Business Insider.

engineers of the software

This could also greatly affect the work of engineers in future, especially since the idea was: “How can we switch from one version to another without hiring all these engineers of the software?” revealed a person familiar with the project.

The project, name in “Pitchfork” code, was later moved to Google Labs, a major and long-term transition.

Interestingly, Google is a pioneer in the field of artificial intelligence and is constantly looking for new applications of artificial intelligence and its tools to ensure that everyone can access them.

The company has always affirmed its commitment to the ethical and socially beneficial uses of artificial intelligence, establishing the DeepMind Ethics & Society group dedicated to driving the use of artificial intelligence in socially responsible way.

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