A new species of whale discovered on the Commander Islands

Genetic studies have shown that the remains of a dolphin found in September last year at the mouth of the Saranaya River on Bering Island are the remains of a striped dolphin that has not previously been found in the waters of the islands.

The press service of the Commander Islands National Park indicates that park scientists have discovered a new species of whale, the striped dolphin, in the waters of the archipelago. With this discovery, the list of whales on the Commander Islands includes 22 species.

“When the staff of the scientific department of the national park learned about this find, they studied the discovered remains and photographed them. The first choice announced by the researchers was the striped dolphin, and since the remains of this animal are not in good condition, it was decided to conduct additional genetic research to determine the species of the dolphin, ”the message says. for the first time in the waters of the Commander Islands.

Experts note that the length of this species of dolphins reaches 2-2.5 meters, and its distinguishing feature is the dark cuts on the sides.

Source: TASS