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A new supernatural “robot” makes its own decisions. It works in a giant company


The giant company “Amazon” has created a new robot that is expected to take a further leap in quality in its operations, despite not being the first in the company’s fleet and warehouses, but it has unprecedented and large capabilities that its colleagues do not have. in the company.

The new robot, called “Brutus”, is “the world’s first autonomous robot,” as the company described it, and will join its army of workers to help load and unload cargo, transport cargo and manage logistics across the board. inside its department stores.

A report published by the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, and viewed by “Al Arabiya Net”, stated that “Proteas” was designed to carry large wagons full of packages around the warehouse floor, but while normal special robots have to work in aarea restricted away from human workers, Amazon says Brutus will be able to roam freely in the warehouse and among human workers because he can sense those around him and hear them, avoiding them and not colliding with them or harming them.

The new “Proteas” robot uses Amazon’s technology for safety, perception and navigation to move independently and avoid collisions with human workers, according to the “Daily Mail”.

“Historically, it has been difficult to integrate bots in safely in the same physical space that people use, “the company said.” We believe Proteus will change things by maintaining intelligence, security and collaboration. “

The new robot “Proteas” has appeared in a video clip, where he can be seen sliding under one of the “Amazon” trolleys, the non-motorized trolleys used to transport packages through the company’s warehouses.

A panel in the center of the robot lifts up, lifting the trolley a few inches off the ground. Brutus then begins its autonomous journey through the warehouse, using technology similar to that used in the auto self-driving to navigate between lanes and avoid obstacles.

The robot emits a green beam in front of it as it moves and stops if a human operator approaches the beam. When the robot reaches its destination, the center plate falls and the robot slides out and moves to the next carriage.

“The robot is designed to be automatically directed to do its job and move between employees, which means it doesn’t have to be limited to specific areas,” Amazon said.

Proteus can operate in to promote simple and safe interaction between technology and people, opening up a wider range of potential uses for employee care.

The company said Amazon’s vision is to automate GoCart processing across the network, reducing the need for people to manually move heavy items and allowing them to focus on more important jobs instead.

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