A new surprise from WhatsApp .. “a revolutionary technology” to transfer chats

Continues What happens Surprise its users from time to time in time with new features or even technologies.

A few days ago, the instant messaging application announced the launch of a “revolutionary technology” to transfer chats from the iOS operating system on iPhone phones to the Android operating system.

Transfer all information

According to a report posted on the site web “Times News Now”, What happens Agreement with smartphone manufacturers to provide the new “Transfer Key” of its kind.

The administration of WhatsApp also stated that “through this new technology, it will be possible to transfer all the information of your account on WhatsApp, starting from the profile picture, to personal and group chats, to the chat history, to multimedia contents. and settings “.

Download the latest versions

However, the devices that will undergo the new transfer will need to download the latest versions of WhatsApp before the transfer process can begin.

Additionally, WhatsApp users will have to resort to cloud storage services, both on iPhone phones known as “iCloud” and various cloud storage services on Android, to easily transfer their chats.

This comes after the South Korean company “Samsung” announced the inclusion of a new technology in its phones that allows the transfer of chats from “WhatsApp” user accounts on “iPhone” to various “Samsung” phones.

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