A new update from “Apple” is available for these devices!

Today, Monday, the American Apple launches the update to the “iOS 16.1” operating system, which will allow users of the “iPhone”, “iPad” and “Apple TV” devices to access the “Fitness +” application for fitness.

The update will be available to users of “iPhone 8” and higher and will have features that differ from the previous “iOS 16” update, launched last September.

The update includes the launch of a shared photo library on iCloud (cloud storage service), where users can add, delete and edit photos.

The new update allows users of “Apple” devices to enjoy the services of the application even if they do not have an “Apple Watch”, knowing that “Fitness +” works with a physical subscription of $ 9.99 per month.

The new update includes the addition of a box “Clean Energy Charging”, which allows users to improve charging when cleaner energy sources are available, reducing the carbon footprint of iPhone phones.

This option will be found in Settings e in particular in the battery icon, where there will be a name “Battery and Charging”, and underneath a small text that says: “The iPhone in your area is trying to reduce the carbon footprint by charging, when the electricity to emissions zero is available at a low level “.

The new update allows the user to create a photo library on iCloud, in so that it can invite up to 6 people to this library to add, edit, delete and like photos, and the library includes photos and videos.

The user can choose the photos he has on his phone and automatically send them to the library.

The update includes that as soon as the user locks the iPhone screen in the new update, alerts will be displayed from the Apple Live Activities service providing instant information.

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