A Palestinian boy was killed by Israeli forces

A Palestinian boy was shot dead by the Israeli army in the city of Silwad in West Bank, Palestinian sources announced yesterday. A source from the municipality of Silwad told AFP: “The Palestinian boy was near a road leading to the settlement of Ofra, adjacent to Silwad, when he was shot by Israeli soldiers.”

An Israeli army spokesman told AFP that Palestinians had gathered near Silwad, noting that “a number of suspects threw stones at the auto of civilians passing on Route 60 (a major road through the occupied West Bank), putting them at risk. “He added,” Soldiers on the spot made arrests through customary practical procedures and using live bullets as a last resort. “

In a statement, the Fatah movement led by Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas mourned the boy Hamid and claimed in a statement distributed in the form of a poster: “A moon of Silwad joins the procession of martyrs today.”

Silwad is located north of Ramallah, and a few meters from it is the Israeli settlement of Ofra, near an Israeli army camp.