A Palestinian killed his father and buried him in the courtyard of the house

In a horrific crime, Palestinian civil protection teams in Jenin exhumed a man’s body from under reinforced concrete in the courtyard of his home in the southern city of Ojjeh at dawn on Tuesday.

In detail, the Palestinian police revealed, in a statement, which a young man told them he had buried his father’s body in the courtyard of his home and poured concrete over it in the town of Ujja, south of Jenin.

He also added that the security services arrived at the scene and started looking for the body until they found it.

He explained that the civil protection crews, after two hours of excavations and searches, managed to extract the citizen’s body from under the reinforced concrete in the courtyard of his home and handed the body to the competent authorities to complete the investigation.

Furthermore, i media locals reported that 46-year-old Radhi Rashid Omariya was killed by his 20-year-old son, Amer.

He pointed out that the crime took place 12 days ago and that the killer has covered it up to date.